AJ’s No Candy No Soda Challenge part 2


AJ received a candy care package from his friend Isaac the day after he completed the challenge.

Picking up where we left off in the last blog, I wanted to take the time to interview AJ and get his direct perspective on his No Candy No Pop Challenge. For starters he informed me that he would rather I call it “soda” than “pop” and therefore the name change on this blog. šŸ™‚

Traci: What was the challenge from your perspective?

AJ: To go a full year without candy or soda.

Traci: Define candy.

AJ: Anything you would get on Halloween.

Traci: What was your first thought when you were presented with the challenge?

AJ: I thought it was impossible.

Traci: It took you two days to make the decision . . what made you change your mind about it being impossible?

AJ: Another person did it meaning it must be possible, so I decided to give it a try.

Traci: Why did you take this challenge on?

AJ: 1) The reward. ($365, all or nothing)
2) To show myself that I could do it. It’s not impossible.

Traci: How were you able to accomplish this challenge?

AJ: 1) I kept repeating the Bible verse, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”
2) Support from family and friends.
3) Saying “I am choosing” instead of “I have to”. It was my choice. I could end it whenever I wanted.

Traci: What challenges did you face along the way?

AJ: 1) We moved to Michigan, on a camp, where they have pop and candy. It was tempting especially during my week of camp.
2) Right before it ended – I really wanted to be done.
3) Friends and family would forget and offer candy and soda. It felt like they were doing it on purpose to taunt me.

Traci: How did you handle these challenges?

AJ: I knew I wasn’t going to back out anytime during the challenge so I just kind of stepped through them.

Traci: Would you do this challenge again? Why?

AJ: (A moment of pause). Yes. Without doing challenging things (like this challenge), I wouldn’t be ready or able to do other challenging things God has for me later.

AJ is a pretty wise 12-year-old.
What challenge or challenges have you been putting off? What new challenge are you willing to step into that will move you in the direction of your dreams and goals?
1) Choose your challenge.
2) Clearly define the parameters.
3) Enroll family and friends as your support team.
4) Give yourself a reason or set a reward that will motivate you along the way.

Will it be worth it? According to AJ it is worth it.

Be Extraordinary!




7 comments on “AJ’s No Candy No Soda Challenge part 2

  1. andy says:

    Great job AJ!!

  2. Kendy says:

    I love #3, “I am choosing” instead of “I have to”. Great inspiration, AJ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Luree Johnston says:

    Oh man, am I so impressed!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! I have been thinking I should take this challenge myself (for no money, obviously—BIG downfall), and my mental obstacle is that I will be the lone ranger in my house. That is HARD. So, thank you for posting this. AJ, you did a really, really good thing. Not only for your pocketbook, but also for your body. Believe it or not, the things we like aren’t always good for us. šŸ™‚

    • tracicast says:

      AJ says, “I felt sort of like that (Lone Ranger) at first, but then I realized what a good thing I was doing for myself. It may seem like a hard thing right now, but you can do it.”

  4. Naomi Haynes says:

    Truly extraordinary. I love his statement: “Without doing challenging things (like this challenge), I wouldnā€™t be ready or able to do other challenging things God has for me later.'” Can’t wait to see how God continues to use AJ as a light for Him.

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