Happy Thanksgiving

FALL 3Please take time to finish the above post. There is a great video that is key to my thoughts below.

I am feeling quite melancholy (as spoken by MegaMind).

I had a Black Friday blog nearly ready to go, but this post by my husband is really what I need today and maybe you do too. I was feeling in a funk the moment I woke up. I’m sure some of it is spending our first holiday in many years without the rest of our family, but when I remembered this blog post I realized what it was. It is time for me to get out of my seat of regret, what-ifs and feeling sorry for myself.

I have a choice where I sit today. I am making a choice to sit in the seat of gratitude . . what about you?

Be Extraordinary!

The Overboard life

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you take today to refocus your life toward gratitude. In my own life, so much more has been accomplished through the joy of thanksgiving than through any other motivation or attitude. When I am living with a heart of thanks, I’m at my creative and energetic best! Thankfulness turns pain into joy, turns disappointment into opportunity and turns failure into success.


Imagine if we created a physical token of what it means to be thankful. What if every time you and I were tempted to complain, grumble, blame, play victim or turn to our vices, we instead pulled out this reminder and lived in thanks? What if that token was a chair? Maybe our lives would look like this:

Thanksgiving Chair

Live in the Thanksgiving chair today. And then pull it out again tomorrow. “Give thanks in all circumstances…” (1 Thess 5:18).

Go ahead and take…

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One comment on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Beth says:

    sitting in the Thanksgiving chair! thanks, Traci!

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