Will you make a better story in 2014?

This is part 1 of a 4-part blog series Joe and I are doing this week. Thanks for reading.
Happy New Year!

The Overboard life

What do you know about Alfred Nobel?

During the mid-1800s Alfred Nobel was a boomologist*. He is widely believed to have been the man responsible for creating TNT and he invented technologies with significant military application. He was a wealthy, scientific man with a good reputation and an engaging career. And above all, he was a man of peace. In fact, Alfred’s core belief about dynamite was that it would “create peace faster than [our] congress.” He believed that if both armies could annihilate each other instantly (through the use of massive explosives), armies and militaries would become obsolete.


One morning he read something that few people ever have the opportunity to read: he read his own obituary. You see, his brother had passed away, but French news outlets (apparently news outlets struggled for reliability even in the late 1800’s!) reported that it was Alfred that had passed away. The…

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One comment on “Will you make a better story in 2014?

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