The Wonder of Winter

It is snowing today . . and it is beautiful. The snow brings back wonderful memories of my childhood days in Wenatchee, Washington. I remember building snow forts, sledding down the hills behind our house, laying in the snow between sledding runs, catching flakes on my tongue, measuring the snow with a ruler (and occasionally a yard stick), stomping snow off my pants and boots, wet pant legs, snow pants and mittens before recess, and the need for hot chocolate.

This is my first winter living in the woods of northern Michigan (aka the top of the mitten). We lived in the mild Willamette Valley since the kids were born and very rarely experienced more than one or two inches of snow at a time and even had years when we didn’t see any snow at all. I have enjoyed watching my kids experience winter as I remember it as a child. I love watching their wonder, joy, anticipation, and imagination as they experience winter in a new way.

I hope you will enjoy this post filled with photos of my children enjoying the wonder of a snowy winter. May it warm your heart, bring laughter and joy, and encourage you to see wonder in the people and world around you (snow, rain or shine).

Unknown Tati snowman Tati ice caves Celina sled Celina 14 BJ snow Bj Cj first MI winter Aj tubing AJ snow caves AJ Celina tubing AJ BJ snowman

Seeing the wonder in our world does not always come natural or easy, but it is definitely worth it.

Be Extraordinary!


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