Are you super busy…doing nothing?

This is an incredibly thought-provoking blog post that lines up perfectly with what it means to “Be Extraordinary!”

I have been doing my fair share of ‘busy nothing’ lately. My energy has been put into worry and uncertainty rather than taking action on the things that I know to do and moving in the direction I ultimately want to go.

It is time to release the worry and the desire for things to feel a little more together before taking action.
It is time to let go of the safety and comfort I find in the boat of mediocrity.
It is time to stop dipping my toe in the water while I cling to the side of the boat.
It is time to take the leap of faith – in full faith and trust – and go after the extraordinary dreams God has placed inside my heart.

Be challenged by this post and then . . be changed!

Be Extraordinary!

The Overboard life

A few months back I made a commitment to my wife, and publicly shared it through this blog, that I was planning to run a half marathon with Traci in the fall. At the time, I had nine months to prepare for this race. Keep in mind that when I made this announcement, I had never run more than one mile at any one time in my life and I have never particularly enjoyed running.

Today I’m at the five month mark and I’m glad to say I’ve been running. Last week I had my longest single run for distance, at 3.57 miles, and little by little I’m stretching out the distance I am able to run. My goal is that when the 13.1 mile event rolls around, I’ll be strong enough to run the whole time, even if it’s at a snail’s pace down the stretch.

Now imagine if…

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