Inspiration For Sale (Tamale Purchase Required)

InspirationFrequently on Facebook I run into something extraordinary. More often than not I hear people complain about all of the complaining and drama on Facebook, but the amazing stories are there too if you look for them.

I was inspired by a post written by my Facebook friend, Heather. If you are ever looking to buy or sell a home in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, Heather is your woman. Here is Heather’s story one Wednesday morning in September:

“I’m home working this morning. Two offers, a couple new listings coming up, and inspections to complete. Kinda busy, but handling it fine in the quiet of my home office. Kids are at school – you know – a normal early fall morning. Then there is a knock at my door. Standing there was this little lady I have seen in the neighborhood before. She has a few little ones and I was thinking maybe she lost her dog or something. I say good morning and she does too, then she asks me if I want to buy some tamales. I see a heavy pack on her back. Weighted down with a bunch of them.

“I decline.

“I wish I hadn’t. But who buys homemade food from someone knocking on your door, right? Then she asks me if I have received her flyer and hands me a flyer about housecleaning. We talk a little more. She is bonded, licensed, and lives nearby. I promise to refer some clients her way who also live nearby. I tell her I am a Realtor and she recognizes my name. She gives me a couple extra flyers and we say goodbye. I go back to my desk and start working again, but I can’t stop thinking of her. What must it take for her to provide for her family, walking door to door selling food? She obviously spent a lot of time on the tamales AND she cleans houses too.

“The strength of women I meet often inspires me. It fills my spirit, but this lady really did today. Next time she comes by, I will buy the tamales. Sending her lots and lots of success energy today. Feeling inspired.”

There are so many things to draw from Heather’s story. When you think about what it means to live an extraordinary life, what lessons can you draw from the lovely woman selling tamales and house-cleaning? What lessons can you draw from Heather and her response to the situation?

So far in the story there are valuable lessons and I hope you are seeing them, but Heather did not become Senior VP at Coldwell Banker or receive numerous awards in her profession by sitting back. Heather was moved, even “inspired”, and here is what she did next:

tamale“I went and chased her down!!!
“My conscience was YELLING at me!
“We are eating them right now for lunch! They are still warm!! Soooo good!!”

Heather was moved, inspired, and then she took ACTION!

Are there any lessons for you now? How can you take the lessons of this story and apply it to your business, family, health, marriage, or finances?

There are ‘tamales’ worth having and they often require getting off your butt, getting out of your house, and even chasing them down the street. And the payoff is totally worth it!

Be Extraordinary!

Connect with Heather for your house-buying or house-selling needs by clicking here.

Speak the ‘Text’ in Love

20131119-064140.jpgI sent a text that did not go to the intended recipient. It brought pain because it was written with no filters, no empathy and no love. I was not trying to be politically correct, but simply stating my frustrations about a situation to my husband. The recipient of this message, whom the text was about, replied with simple words nearly six hours later. I was shocked, embarrassed and a little confused at how she had received the message. What do you do with that faux pas? The words I had written were true, but not covered in any grace or love. Ouch!

Speak the truth in love. This is the direction of someone living an extraordinary life. This applies to face-to-face, phone, email, Facebook, twitter and texting interactions. This also applies to family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and even our enemies. My words ought to be spoken in love. The recipient ought to receive love, grace, compassion, and kindness along with that truth. I used to think this meant that I had to candy-coat things so as not to bring any pain to any one at any time. I’ve come to realize that speaking in love with no truth is just as wrong as speaking truth without love. Neither of these extremes are effective.

In spite of this turn of events over a text message gone awry, there were some blessings to follow. My text came about after weeks of frustration that I was struggling to articulate. Well, the ice is broken (with a boulder) and we are now proceeding with some long-overdue open, honest communication.

Are you hiding from a long overdue conversation? What are you waiting for? Will you choose to consider your words, then take the action necessary to create open, honest communication? The path of action (as painful as it may seem) is much less painful than the ramifications of a misdirected text — and much more extraordinary too!

Be Extraordinary!